Glam Your Neutral Room with Some Metallics!

Glam Your Neutral Room with Some Metallics!

Metallic home decor has been a major trend for a while now. This trend included metal shades and hues that are finding their way to interior designer’s most posh look. This Look drew inspiration from fashion runways around the world, and they have become a major trend in home décor today.

Every colours, hues, tints and shades can work so well with metallics, it let you experiment and create unique looks for each room in your house. But don’t over do it. A little touch of glimmering metal here and there can instantly make your room feel more glamorous. There are two types of metallic hues, the warms and the cool. Warm metallic include bronze, brass, gold and copper while cool metallics include silver, chrome, nickel and pewter. To make your room stands out, most of interior and exterior house painter suggest you to use similar hue but different texture. Below we have list down tips you can try to incorporate metallic hue into your home.


Replacing your old hardware with new metallic one is the modest way to incorporate this tone. As a start you can change your doorknobs into gold or silver. For the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you can add handles in metallic colours. Give your room a unique style by mix and matching small dose of metallics.

Artwork and Décor Pieces

Another easy and quick way to add metallics to a room is by using artwork or décor pieces. You can start small by spraying paint your old vase in silver or gold. For more drastic change, you can strategically place two larger decor pieces or hang old photographs and vintage wallpapers in gold or bronze frames on the walls. If your room is not that huge, place a mirror with gold frames. Mirrors make a space look and seem larger than it really is, they can be a great home décor trend to incorporate.


Metallic furniture can infuse a little bit of glam into your neutral living room or bedroom. Metallic Coffee table or bar stools is the go-to piece for new adopters. Add some textures to get a softer touch and try to mix some colours such as silver and brass to achieve shimmery effect. Those will make the furniture stand out.

Indoor Lighting and Fixtures

Lights, be it hanging, wall lights or table lamps, can be a focal point of a room. And if they have an element of shine and sparkle, they are going to instantly brighten up the space. You can hang cooper penchant lights in your living room or a gold ceiling light on your kitchen island or add a brass chandelier to the bedroom. Golden lamps are a great addition to decorate a space with metallic tones.

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