Looking for Natural Color that Works Well in Every Room in Your House? Try Olive Green

Looking for Natural Color that Works Well in Every Room in Your House? Try Olive Green

We adore olive green paint, and judging from its success on Instagram and Pinterest, it seems that we’re not alone. This medium green shade is becoming increasingly prominent due to its classic look and practicality. Here are some reasons to think about using this color in your house.

What Is Olive Green?

The colour of olive green paint is a rich yellow-green, similar to the color of unripe green olives. (Army Green, by the way, is achieved by adding a little gray.) It is the universally accepted color of peace due to its affiliation with the olive tree. You’ll understand why when you see it in a room. This earthy hue calms the nerves, raises the spirits, and conjures up images of sunny summer afternoons.

Is It Part of Neutral Colors?

The olive-green paint colour is neutral, unlike many other greens. This is due to the earthy undertone, which gives it a warm feel. It’s also a mid-tone pigment, which means it goes well in both lighter and darker hues. You could use that instead of greige, gray, white, or off-white because it goes with too many shades.

What colors complement olive green paint the best?

This color is equally adept in a formal dining room as it is in a relaxed den. An off-white trim is recommended. It will, however, be combined with a wide range of other colors. Try something like beige, black, brown,  gold,  gray, or maroon. Pull these colors in through art, furnishings, and accents for a well-designed space.

Does It Work in a Bathroom?

In a bathroom, use a lighter shade of the paint. Combine it with brass to elevate the look and you’ll have your own personal spa at home.

Is It Looks Great in an Open Plan Space?

It’s critical in an open-plan room to choose a color that works in all places, regardless of purpose. As a result, you’ll need a color that fits in the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Olive green blends into the background like any decent neutral, but it still has an atmospheric, calming feel that other neutrals lack. This allows it to be used in a multitude of rooms while still tying the whole space together. This enables the sightlines – what you see when you move from one place to the next – to be translated into a single, seamless interface.

Does It Work on Home Exteriors?

Based on our experience as interior and exterior house painter, Olive is also a fantastic option not only for interiors but also for home exteriors. It looks great in rustic buildings, such as cabins, farmhouses, and modern-rustic homes. The natural neutral seems to have been plucked from the surrounding terrain. And the color’s understated beauty elevates every home, regardless of design.

Get Yourself a Perfect Living Room in Olive Green

Put this paint to good use in your living room and greet visitors with a friendly welcome. This color both brightens and warms up your room. Mix it with natural wood shades, gray, beige, and cream for a modern look. With plants and a throw, you’ll get a look that everybody will adore.

Olive as an Accent Wall

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to transform the look of your home is to paint an accent wall. Using olive green on one wall if you’re not ready to repaint the whole house will freshen it up. You will see how it brightens up this dining room by making the window wall a focal point and giving the cream-colored walls and ceiling a design lift.

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