Your Room Feel A Bit Boring? These Colour Combinations Will Brighten It Up!

Your Room Feel A Bit Boring? These Colour Combinations Will Brighten It Up!

If you are looking for fresh ideas to brighten up your place, you’ve come to the right place! Colour has proven to have the ultimate power to transform a room, whether it is vibrantly coloured entire walls, a bold accent wall or an unexpected painted ceiling. But finding the right combination could be a little bit tricky. After doing lots of color combination trial and errors, our professional residential painter Melbourne finally come up with list of two colour combination in order to create a trendy and unique room.

Yellow and orange

Looking for colours that will light up your living space? This combination match you needs perfectly. Because yellow is very versatile, it can work well in any home interior regardless of the style and more over it makes a great companion for orange. This combination will instantly refresh your room and lift your mood and spread joy all around.

Violet and beige

This less known combination is actually very visually exciting and paints a pretty picture. We can agree that they are not the best paint color when they stand alone but when used in combination, they create a really impressive scheme. And able to transform the dullest areas of the home into talking points. Beige is elegance personified while violet in combination with beige is sure to create a lasting impression. If you wish to create an artsy living space, this is the combination for you.

Blue and maroon

As we spend more time working from home, having video calls appropriate background become a good investment. To gain that professional yet classy feels, paint you wall with vivid blue and a deep shade of maroon. Try this combination to see the wonderful chemistry it shares when put together!

Light brown and dark green

If you love outdoor and nature themes, this combination of green with brown walls is the perfect formula to bring in the outdoors. This combination is bound to lend a natural ambience to your home. You could never go wrong with earth tones color combination. And it also Instagram-worthy as well!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sprucing up your home using these interesting colour combinations. We hope these ideas have inspired you to take up this home improvement project. Think of your walls as blank canvases and get ready to paint your imagination!

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