Planning on Redesignin Your Teens’ Room? These Tips Will Help You!

Planning on Redesignin Your Teens’ Room? These Tips Will Help You!

Redesigning the teen’s room allows them to participate in the design of their living space. The best teenage room concept ideas for 2021 are listed below.

Allowing a youth to share some of their creativity at home is one of the best ways to show support during their teenage years. This creativity doesn’t have to manifest itself in unattended chaos; instead, it can take the form of supplying them with a place where they can be fully themselves.

Redesigning the teenager’s room not only gives them a great, personal place to be in, but it also allows them to have a role in the space they live in. Here are some of the most recent teenage-room design themes for 2021.

Girls Room

The way a human perceives a living space is heavily influenced by color psychology. As a result, when choosing how to decorate a space, different people gravitate toward different colors. The color wheel’s bold or light shades, used in a triad complementary manner, are commonly preferred by girls.

A coral style, for example, is one of the most common color schemes for teenage girls today. This design uses light-coral as the room’s base color, faded cream as the secondary color, and lime green as the room’s accent color. The lavender color scheme is still one of the most common styles. The walls in this color scheme are finished in a bright lavender, with a bright white as the secondary color and fluorescent pink shades as the accent color.

Boys Room

Cooler, bolder shades are typically preferred by boys. If a girl likes blue in her bed, she would most likely choose a light blue or turquoise hue. A traditional adolescent boy wants his shades to be what they are. They like a solid, bold blue on the walls if blue is used. When compared to the most common color schemes for children, boys’ color schemes are noticeably different.

The Woodsy Blue hue is one of the most common styles for boys in 2021. A navy blue serves as the base color, with a light oak color serving as the secondary and a light lime and orange serving as an accent color. Or you can try design that inspired by urban architecture. The base color is grey, the secondary color is a bright orange, and the accent color is an oaky wood. This style has a sleek feel to it and leaves the space looking classy while also being innovative.


Some teenagers don’t really expect their spaces to be gendered exclusively for them. Boys and girls will also benefit from neutral styles, which also have a more “adult” feel to them. Tans, browns, greens, whites, and black are the standard foundation colors for boys and girls. These colors can be combined in a number of ways to make neutral yet elegant teen rooms.

Involving the teenager in the renovation or painting of their rooms will go a long way toward making them more comfortable. These trends we mentioned above are only a few of the options open to you and your teen. If you need help along the way or only want to pick out the colors, call nearest professional residential painter here in Melbourne. With their expertise, you might find a new and unique design!

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