Materials to Consider Before Building Your First Patio!

Materials to Consider Before Building Your First Patio!

For people who love to enjoy their home’s natural landscape, but still maintain closed space, patios and decks are great outdoor options. There are two approaches home owners need to consider before building patio. The first one is to treat patio as part of the home therefore, its design should integrate with the rest of the house. In the other spectrum, the second approach treat it as standalone outdoor space. So, it can have its own design.

Knowing which design approach suitable for your is nice, but you also need to know about patio roofs and covers including their materials and styles before building one. Here are three different types of patio covers, varying styles to get you started.

Let’s start with materials!

Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum covers is the most commonly used covers compared to the other. Its durability and flexibility make it homeowners’ favorite. Aluminum patio covers are low-maintenance and are durable for a long period. Aluminum has high water and weather resistance which means it can withstand harsh weather, rain, and dampness without any significant wear and tear. They also come in various designs, styles, and colors. Or you can get creative and ask your house painter Melbourne to apply faux finish on the aluminum covers to achieve your desired style.

Wooden Patio Covers

If you prefer more elegant covers and don’t mind spending more, then the wooden covers make up the top choice. Wood is around for centuries as a construction material and is known for its natural colors and patterns. Wooden patios gain more popularity in recent years as more people adopt more natural and minimalist home design. And they fit perfectly, if your home or the roof is built from wood.

However, the down sides are they need regular maintenance, treatment for weather-resistance, and polishing.

Acrylic Patio Covers

Another low-maintenance patio cover is Acrylic patio covers. Because they are made up of plastic, it is easier to clean and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, to maintain its color, you have to apply polish or paint. Vinyl easily discolor under high exposure to UV radiations.

If you are looking for a patio cover to shade your driveway to protect car from the scorching heat, acrylic patio covers can be a good way to reduce your vehicle insurance. If your car is safely parked under a shade, it can help in reducing car insurance premium. So, you can get reduced premium without hassle.

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