Follow These Tips to Make You Brushes Last Longer

Follow These Tips to Make You Brushes Last Longer

A good paint brush should be an investment; trust us, it’s worth a little bit of extra money to get a brush with quality bristles from a brand you trust. We suggest you to avoid using a flimsy little craft paint brush, or even the dollar options at the store when painting. You should opt for higher quality brushes. Because they will last you several paint projects, if you treat them with the right maintenance and cleaning techniques. By choosing higher quality brushes, you not only do they add a pro-level finish to your paint job, but also help reduce single-use supply waste. Ahead, we’re breaking down methods that house painter Melbourne use to clean paint brushes thoroughly and easily:

Note: The way you clean your paint brushes will vary depends on what material they’re made of and what type of paint you use. In this article, we focus mainly poly/nylon blend brushes. In our opinion, poly/nylon brushes fit beginner painter perfectly because they are versatile and easy to clean. They hold tons of paint and minimize brush marks, giving you control and allow you to cut in around trim with precision.

There are some tools that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. Water
  2. Mild soap or dish liquid
  3. Brush comb
  4. Soft cloth
  5. Mason jar (optional)

Then, follow these steps to clean.


Clean your paint brushes immediately after you finish painting, don’t let the paint dry onto your brush bristles. If for some reasons you can’t clean them right away, leave it upright in a mason jar filled with enough water to cover the bristles only. Avoid soaking the ferrule (aka the metal part) and the handle. Or they will start rusting or warping over time.


Place the brush under running water and use your hands to work the soap into the bristles. Repeat this process for several times until there is no soap left. Use a brush comb to remove semi-dry paint that stuck toward the top of the bristles. Comb it from the base to the tip.


Rinse your brush under a faucet with the bristles facing downward. This positioning will keep paint from clogging the ferrule and potentially warping the handle.


To dry your paint brush, use your hands to work out excess water and then pat dry using a soft cloth. Then hang it until it dry. Once it’s completely dry, put the brush jacket back around the bristles. It will helps the brush maintain its shape!

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