Feeling Cramped in? These Designs Tricks Will Make Your Bedroom Feel Higher!

Feeling Cramped in? These Designs Tricks Will Make Your Bedroom Feel Higher!

Do your low ceilings make you feel cramped in? These visual design strategies can quickly make your area look more spacious. There are several creative strategies and methods that interior and exterior painters employ to give the illusion of a loftier area if you have a low bedroom ceiling. While low ceilings might be comfortable in a bedroom, giving the illusion of more space can make your area feel calmer, less crowded, and brighter — and here is how you can do it.

Paint The Ceiling White Or The Palest Of Colors

Is your room located in the eaves? While these places might be oh-so-comfy, they do have drawbacks, the most common of which being low ceilings and a lack of natural light. To counteract this, the first principle of making your ceiling look taller is to paint it white — as white as possible — bright white would suffice.

Choose a soft, subdued tone if you like a cozier color for your walls. It will stand out against the white ceiling and bring a sense of coziness to the space.

You don’t like white, or your bedroom is north-facing and needs to be warmed up? Select a light neutral or a hue that complements your walls.

Walls Should Be Painted White As Well

There’s no better location to get the minimalist appearance of all-over white than a bedroom with low ceilings for those who enjoy it. It will turn the area into a gorgeous light-filled area that seems both vertically and horizontally expansive.

Soft furnishings, such as curtains and blinds, beds, and rugs, will provide texture, pattern, and color to the plan, preventing it from feeling too sterile.

To Create A Visual Trick, Use Vertical Stripes

Using a vertically striped wallpaper is a simple approach to create the illusion of greater height – and it works. You don’t have to go with a traditional stripe; a flowery or more modern pattern would suffice. It doesn’t have to cover the entire room; simply use wallpaper as a headboard.

Use Tall Table Lamps To Give The Impressions Of Height

Using vertical space to give the sense of height is one of the most basic ways for making a room appear larger.

Choose tall bedside lights to frame the bed in a bedroom; this will attract the attention to the height of the lamps while also emphasizing the room’s verticals.’

If the remainder of the scheme is dark, a white shade with a light or metallic base will make your tall lamp stand out even more.

Hang Full-Length Drapes

Full-length curtains, like vertical stripes and tall lights, enable the eye to move upwards while looking at the window, especially patterned or colorful ones that create a mild contrast to the wall treatment.

Another trick is to keep the eye focused on what’s going on in the lower part of a low-ceilinged bedroom – for example, the prints and patterns on the bed, window seat, and tablecloth against the plain walls keep the eye focused on the lower part of the room, making the upper, plain section feel more spacious.

Layer Lighting

In a bedroom with a low ceiling, overhead lighting may be tricky: your attention is pulled immediately to them, which is a positive thing, but hanging a bulky light fitting too low can visually drag the ceiling down.

The solution is to use glass ceiling lights, which are less visually bulky and reflect beautiful light, or to layer your lighting in lower areas of the room, which you can do beautifully with table lamps and wall lights.

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