Can Paint Color Boost Your Productivity? Try These 7 Colors!

Can Paint Color Boost Your Productivity? Try These 7 Colors!

Every person suffers from a lack of productivity at some point in time; the only difference is that not everyone can identify the cause. If you’re sitting in your office, happy in both your personal and professional life, but can’t seem to get any work done, it’s possible that the color of your workplace is the source of your creative block. 

Yes, it is a known fact that colors have the ability to affect not only our mood but also how we function. This is largely due to the fact that the two are inextricably linked; that is, your mood has a direct impact on your ability to function productively. Furthermore, research shows that certain colors boost efficiency while others have little or no brain stimulation. For the skeptics, there is plenty of research to back up these claims and persuade you to give your office a fresh coat of paint (in the right color) to turn it into a productive center!

Here are some of the best office painting colors recommended by house painters to boost everyone’s productivity!


Yellow is a bright and energizing color that is said to stimulate your creativity while still holding your spirits up. It’s a common choice of color in creative and innovative workplaces, as well as places where authors, artists, and designers work. Keep in mind that yellow comes in a variety of colors, each of which can affect one’s mood in a different way. If not paired with another color, bright yellow can be overwhelming, while lemon or pastel yellows perform well on their own.


Teal is a mix of green and blue that gives you the best of both worlds. To begin with, it is a lovely color that increases the visual appeal of an office; second, teal improves one’s concentration and performance while also lowering stress levels, making it an excellent choice for increasing productivity. As a result, since teal is a powerful color on its own, it should be used in conjunction with a neutral color to avoid overshadowing other office features.


It’s crucial to choose the correct shade of blue for your office walls. Since blue (especially lighter shades) has a soothing effect on the mind, it’s a good color to have in offices where there’s a lot of pressure. A happier color (like green or teal) that increases concentration and efficiency; darker blues, on the other hand, are said to stimulate the mind and improve productivity.


Employees are more involved and alert in the workplace when the walls are painted red. As a result, there will be less procrastination, which will lead to increased efficiency. It is a high-wavelength color that can be used to represent a variety of emotions (love, passion, alerts, etc.) and is considered an intense color. Red helps to instill a sense of urgency in the workplace, encouraging people to get right to work.


What do you get when you combine the passion of red with the calmness of blue in purple? It’s a nice mix of the two! Purple is also a royal color that promotes self-esteem and trust, resulting in positive thought. It has a positive effect on how effective you are when you are in the right frame of mind at work. Purple painted walls would also elevate your office to a new level!


Green walls in the office are soothing and help to improve one’s thinking process because they are the color of trees and one of Mother Nature’s most famous colors. It increases concentration and performance in the same way that teal and light or medium blue do. Medium or dark shades of green fit well in workplaces with plenty of natural light, while lime green works better in smaller, dimly lit rooms. 


A sense of seriousness and professionalism is conveyed by earthy brown tones. This combination is ideal for an office setting where the mood is usually all business and focus is needed. You are able to be more active because the colour that surrounds you is in no way a diversion and helps you stay focused. Brown painted walls are fairly common in lawyers’ offices, government offices, and the likes.

There is a color (or many colors) for every job and every office that will get you and your employees going! So, don’t make a snap decision; give it some thought and choose the perfect color scheme to improve productivity and create a good office climate!

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