5 Design Related Things to Consider Before Living with Housemates

5 Design Related Things to Consider Before Living with Housemates

It’s never simple to keep your home appearing both organized and trendy, it is even harder if you live with others. We recognize that achieving this balance might be difficult whether you have family members or a small group of housemates.

Regardless of how many other people reside in your house, you deserve to come home to a room that is both useful and attractive. We talked to our interior and exterior house painters/designers to get their advice on how to keep your home looking great even though it’s usually crowded.

Don’t sacrifice on storage space

While a big number of people live in close quarters, enough storage is obviously a must—it’s critical for children and adults alike to be able to quickly locate their items when rushing out the door in the morning.

Bins and hooks are a simple method to put in the doorway. Then, for a charming and pleasant entrance hallway, add some modest accents like a stunning mirror, rug, and stylish light bulb. Consider adding a live plant if you have adequate light and room.

Collaborate on the Design

Allowing only one family member or housemate to dictate the design concept for your property it is not a great idea. Every member of the family, including children, should feel represented in the design. Take inspiration from photographs and choose a style and a few colors that everyone can agree on. This will aid in the creation of a basic plan that remains coherent.

In today’s world, it’s extremely easy for those of all ages to share ideas with one another through platforms such as Pinterest—gone are the days of tearing pages out of design magazines, though your family may enjoy doing that, too! Make the brainstorming process an enjoyable activity, not one that seems like a chore. Even if it takes awhile to bring your entire organizational concept to fruition, everyone will appreciate having been a part of the planning. 

Pare Down

Instead of bringing their own devices into a shared residence, roommates might consider sharing certain goods, such as cooking equipment. Housemates may also want to consolidate large things like vacuum cleaners, which can easily be shared—pool your money to buy the best choice you can afford, and you’ll thank yourselves when it comes time to clean!

Create Zones

Consider a zoned furniture arrangement, with bigger groupings of furniture for bigger gatherings and a single or couple of seats for reading or listening to music separate from other family members. A place for everyone, and everyone in their place!

Make a Match

If you’re sharing a room with two individuals, such as siblings or college roommates, enjoy the excitement of being matchy-matchy. These changes will instantly add flair to any bedroom while avoiding a cluttered or chaotic appearance.

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