Tips to Create Your Own Home Office

Tips to Create Your Own Home Office

For some people working from home is not as effective as working in an office. Sometimes we don’t have the option to work in an office. But we can create a space that actually inspires us to get to work instead of back under the covers. Start with dedicating a particular area in your home as office and applying some basic design principles to make it feel office-like.

Pick the Right Colors
In our opinion, light yellow, light green, light gold and cream are the perfect color for home office, they boost productivity. When you decided to use these bright colors, don’t forget to pair them with muted tones so they won’t be overly distracting or overwhelming. By combining those colors you already make sure that your home office is not a snooze zone. In fact, brighter colors improve your creative process. If you cannot decide which color to go with, you can consult with professional residential painters Melbourne.

Pay attention to Ergonomics

Remember that you will spend hours in this working area so make sure that it is as ergonomic as possible. You can start from your working desk and chair, find an ergonomic and height adjustable desk and chair. Proper seating will help to prevent stiffness and back pain. Your work chair should be comfortable so that it can support you in your everyday work and It must provide proper back support.

Light It Up

Proper lighting is critical but It is often overlooked when setting up a home office. If you have space which exposed to natural light, it is a great idea to set up your work station there. It can help you feel good and can even boost your productivity. When getting natural light is not feasible, invest in the right kinds of lamps. Purchase a lamp with a solid shade that can point the light straight at your desk.

Go Green

Your work station felt flat and you need something to liven things up, you try to add indoor plants. Indoor plants give a little bit sense of nature into your workspace and even improve air quality. Adding some green foliage can help give the room some texture as well. Plants such as palms, money plant or ferns are nice choice. They are not only looking nice but also work as air purifier.

Keep it Clean

Always try to ensure a balanced home office which is not just practical, ergonomic, comfortable but also clean and hygienic. Declutter your workspace as often as you can and make sure to sanitize it regularly. Clutter-free and clean environment will clear your mind and improve your mood and overall productivity.

Bottom-line is that you need to create an environment that is pleasant and supports both mental focus and physical activity. So, you can maintain your productivity and keep stress level low.

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