This Guide Will Help You Renew Your Wooden Furniture Easily Using a Spray Paint

This Guide Will Help You Renew Your Wooden Furniture Easily Using a Spray Paint

Everyone has old pieces of furniture that are well-made or possess sentimental value, but their color had worn out. If you have one of those, you can easily give it a fresh look using a spray paint. Updating these pieces of wood furniture with paint is inexpensive and is a very satisfying process. Read this guide to learn how to spray like a professional painter.

Before you start spray-painting do a process known as SVT, it’s short for sand, vac & tack. First, Scrape areas where existing finish is flaking or feeling off to remove any loose finish. To give the surface some “tooth”, scuff sand the entire piece of furniture lightly so that the new primer can adhere. Then vacuum up all of the dust using a shop vac with brush attachment. The last part of the process is removing any residual dust with a dampened microfiber rag.

After you finish with the preparation, you can start to paint. Basically, any kind of spray paint will do the job. If your never do spray-painting before, you can start with aerosol spray paint. It is easy to use, inexpensive and available in a wide color range. Once your work area and furniture are fully painted, spray the piece with the bonding primer than finish up with enameling process.

If you want a truly professional-looking finish, use a professional sprayer. There are two main types of pro sprayers you can choose: HVLP and Airless.

HVLP (high volume, low pressure) is a spray which create air pressure using a turbine. The paint goes into a cup gun, and air blows by, picking up paint and sending it out the nozzle. HVLP sprayers are delicate, controlled machines. It needs a little bit of experience to use it properly.

The other option is airless sprayers. They pressurize the paint by sending it through a hose and tip specifically made to atomize the coating thus they need no air. They have much larger paint capacity than HVLP sprays so, they are perfect to paint wider area.

To keep your paint last longer you need to prime is. With that being said, primer choice is as important as paint choice. If you choose the wrong one, your painted finish may chip, scratch, and peel in short order.

There are also two kinds of primer, off-the-shelf aerosol rattle can and sprayer. Canned off-the-shelf primer yields a great finish but pay attention to the label. Make sure you buy those with “bonding” or “adhesion” label, so that the primer binds to the wood. Or, look for a similar bonding or adhesion primer in a quart or gallon-sized container and use an HVLP (high volume low pressure) or airless sprayer to apply.

Pro Tip: Do a scratch test. Apply primer to a small area and allow it to dry overnight. Attempt to scratch it off with your fingernail the next day. If nothing comes off, you have adhesion. If it can easily be scratched off, you need to find another primer.

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