Style Your Home with Books

Style Your Home with Books

We live in a fascinating digital age, one where you can read just about anything that can be read online. And more than a few of us stick to a love of books in our homes that finds continuous expression. But, as our collection begin to overload our bookshelves, it can become a problem, leaving us with piles of books we don’t have a place to. Fortunately, books are one of the best, and most commonly used, styling props. That’s good news for bookworms because it means we can indulge in spaces that are elegant, sleek and, most importantly, uncluttered, everything we want and still live in. And if your bookshelves are already packed to overflowing but your book love just won’t end, we have styling tips (without a bookshelf) to keep the pages turning and your home looks charismatic.

The Basic, Coffee Table

Let’s start with the most common one. Coffee table is the most natural place for books, especially table-sized ones. So, if you’ve got a group of books that are table-sized, this is the place to start for making stylish vignettes.

One little tip: Stack the books. Placing one single book on coffee table can have an understated appeal, but stacks of books can look just as good. And don’t forget to pay attention to size of the books. On the coffee table, fairly uniform stacks are more preferable than book pyramids.

Monochromatic Walls

Clean and monochromatic background will create a contrast that will make your books pop even more. According to our interior and exterior house painter, the easiest colors to match stacks of books are white and shades of gray. Those colors are basic and simple but enough to create an accent. If you feel those colors are too boring, you can try faux concrete wall.

Style Books with Floral Arrangements

Pairing the books with other stylish accessories is one of the key factors for turning a stack of books into a photo-ready “moment”. Flowers are perfect for the job. Like books, flowers are used in vignettes to convey a lived-in sense of authenticity that gives a grounded reality to a space, making it look more like a home and less like a staged exhibit. To achieve this aesthetic, you need to place small stacks of books next to your favorite vase.

Books by the Bedside

Your room is an excellent place to store your book collection. Bedside table is always a good option If there isn’t room for a bookshelf. Placing books on bedside table not only looks nice but also practical because it provides an opportunity for a mini-library for all of your favorite bedtime stories. To up the looks you can add additional accessories like plants, small bowls and even the bedside lamp that gives this vignette it’s charismatic look — crowded but controlled, effortless but cool — the perfect place for a lazy Sunday.

From the Floor Up

One of the trickier aspects of design is the art of creating a beautifully stylised but lived-in space. Yet learning how to do it will help you keep a magical look on your daily living world. Like paintings, books for a natural and unpretentious feel can be shown on the floor. Here’s where you ‘re going to want to buy your antique finds, outdated textbooks, second hand paperbacks and books that you’ve been hanging on to since childhood. As part of a wonderfully styled display they can all find new life on your floors.

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