How to Properly Clean and Store Your Paint Brushes

How to Properly Clean and Store Your Paint Brushes

Painting tools require at least some care and care, just like any other tool in your toolbox, to ensure that you get multiple uses out of them. Here’s how our painting services maintain paint rollers and brushes so they can use them again in the future.

Clean After Every Use

Poorly washing your paint equipment, or worse, not washing them at all, will make them unsuitable for your next project. The quality of your paint job will undoubtedly be impacted by dried and hardened paint on your equipments.

Here’s a quick guide on how to clean brushes and rollers:

  • First, try to get all of the paint off of your tools. Scrape, push, or squeeze the extra material away gently. Any debris on discarded cardboard or newspaper should be rolled or brushed off.
  • Checking the paint label is the next step. Given that the recommended solvent for cleaning your tools varies based on the type of paint, it ought to be specified. Water and soap, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, epoxy reducer, and others are examples of these.
  • Make sure to remove anything lodged in the nap or between the bristles of your instruments by cleaning them in the right solvent as thoroughly as you can.
  • Shake off or squeeze the extra solvent from your tool once it has been adequately cleaned and is free of paint, then allow it to dry.

Store Properly, Trim When Necessary

Make sure your brush isn’t left on its bristles. They will become bent and misshapen as a result. To preserve the brush bristles and roller nap, it is advisable to hang your painting supplies when storing them. They can also be supported by their handles and kept upright.

Let’s say your brushes and rollers have previously served you well on a number of occasions. It’s okay if they appear a little worn out and exhausted. To spruce them up a little, check to see if they need a trim.

For rollers, this can entail removing the edges where you can see dried paint beads with a pair of scissors. Just watch out not to overdo it so the nap keeps a fairly consistent length. To trim any protruding bristles from brushes, use a nail clip.

Choose Quality Brushes and Rollers

Here’s a simple fact: cheap paint tools don’t last very long. You can still take care of them, but your efforts will be lot more effective if you started out with superior equipment.

It is just a smarter choice to use high-quality tools over cheap but cheaply built ones. They first perform better. A painted surface is much less likely to include fibres and bristles when using quality rollers and brushes. Also, they can hold a lot of paint, reducing the likelihood of streaks and smears.

Second, as already established, better tools have a longer lifespan. Unlike cheap brushes and rollers that are readily broken, they can be used repeatedly. You should invest in them, particularly if you want to undertake more interior painting in the future.

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