Have You Choose The Best Paint Type for Your Wall?

Have You Choose The Best Paint Type for Your Wall?

Usually, when it comes to choosing interior wall paint, our attention is on the colour or finish of wall paint. We hardly go through the specifics, like texture or structure. But if you want to pick the right paint for your beloved home, you have to consider how fundamentally one type of paint varies from the other. Each type of paint comes with a special set of functions and properties, intended for a particular purpose.

If you’re looking to refresh your home look with a fresh coat of paint, take a look at five different styles of indoor wall paint before you commit:

Enamel paint

For painting metallic and wooden finishes/surfaces, enamel paint is typically used. It has a hard, shiny, opaque finish. It may also be painted on walls to shield them from harsh weather. Enamel paint is a good choice for commercial kitchens, for example, since it is resistant to moisture, stain and heat. You can sealed bathroom doors with enamel paint to reduce its exposure to moisture. Enamel is best for all indoor and outdoor wood and metal surfaces.

Emulsion paint

If you are looking for water-based option, emulsion paint could be a great option. Emulsion paints are water-based, causing them nearly odorless and the most preferred alternative for indoor wall paints. The paint is easy to dry and has a very low VOC material (volatile organic compounds). In addition, emulsion paints are durable and washable, so a wet cloth or mild soap solution can be used to quickly cure stains. It is also available in a range of finishes such as sheen, silk and matte and if you are looking to paint your home walls, it makes a perfect choice. Emulsion paint is Ideal for high traffic areas like doorways and hallways and prone to get messy rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, study room and kids’ room.

Metallic paint

As the name suggests, metallic paint comprises tiny metal bits, such as bronze, steel, copper or aluminium. It will serve as a perfect alternative to wallpaper for accent walls, making every room seem more glamorous and extravagant. Futhermore, to give it a grand makeover, it can even be used on wood and metal surfaces. In our opinion, metallic paint is best to paint accent walls and wooden or metal surfaces.

Textured paint

A great artistic benefit is provided by textured paint, ideal to establish a hint of accent on the walls. For interior wall painting projects, it may be used to achieve special effects on the wall, whether it is stone, stucco, sand swirl and popcorn texture. This painting is a perfect way for the walls to conceal slight defects and contradictions. It is hard to deal with textured paint and we high suggest you to hire professional residential painter in Melbourne to help you. This type of paint is ideal if you want to create an accent wall or painting walls with minor flaws.

Distemper paint

As far as ancient Egypt, the use of distemper paint goes way back. Nevertheless, the paint has expanded over time and is available in numerous varieties. It is also known as whitewash or cement paint which can be added directly without the use of any primer on the plastered surface. If added to the surface before painting, for a longer period of time, it will make other paints last. In the face of sunshine, this kind of color does not break or disappear. This paint is best for the balcony, terrace and roof and industrial use.

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