Washable Paints: Greatest Interior Wall Investment

Washable Paints: Greatest Interior Wall Investment

One of the simplest and least expensive methods to change a room’s appearance is to paint it. While there are wide range of different types of paint available, it’s crucial to pick a paint that is durable for interior spaces that must withstand frequent washing and scrubbing. While washable paint may seem like a logical choice for places with little traffic that just require the odd wipedown, scrubbable paint can withstand far more abuse. Washable or scrubbable paints are the better choice for areas that require actual elbow grease to maintain cleanliness. Even its “scrubbability”—the longevity of their coating—has been evaluated depending on the volume of brushstrokes it can tolerate.

What is a Washable Paint?

Washable paint is an emulsion that can be wiped or cleaned to erase blemishes without harming the paintwork, making it beneficial for heavy traffic areas that would otherwise require frequent repainting.

Scrubbable paint is a smart investment to help keep your colour fresh for years, especially in these high-traffic areas, whether you want to work with a professional house painter in Melbourne or take on the process on your own:


This is the most prone room to spills and stains. Around the stove, grease and filth gather, and locations where food is prepared and eaten see an accumulation of sticky juice spills and saucy mishaps.


The majority of bathrooms use harsh cleaning agents like bleach, and the walls next to sinks and tubs are frequently wiped off. Unless the walls are painted with premium scrubbable paint, this combination of thorough washing will ultimately leave dull stains on the walls.

Kids’ Rooms

They certainly have the ability to create enormous messes, and not only in their bedroom. A wall painted in one single colour appears to a young kid to be a blank canvas calling out for a Crayola masterpiece. However, walls painted with scrubbable paint will be able to withstand years of cleaning up sea green scribbles, dried Play-Doh, and whatever other gooey, sticky thing youngsters manage to locate.

How to Clean Washable Paint

Washable paint should be cleaned on a regular basis. How frequently will depend on how frequently it becomes dirty and is a heavy traffic area. A good rule of thumb would cleaning every three months, although in low usage areas like a bedroom, longer is preferable. As a result, it will be easier to prevent blemishes from forming and you will be less likely to need to clean the paint finish severely. Additionally, remove any stains or blemishes as quickly as possible; the longer you leave them, the more difficult it will be to do so.

With a duster and soft brush, remove any cobwebs and other basic debris before beginning any general cleaning. This prevents you from washing dirt into the walls. Next, prepare a soft sponge or towel and some warm, soapy water by adding a few sprays of dishwashing solutions. The sponge should be moist after being dipped in water and most of the water squeezed out.

Then, give any areas that require cleaning a wipeover and wait for five minutes. Any markings are softer as a result. Repeat the procedure later with clean water. This method always works for woodwork, but typically you can be a bit more vigorous if needed, but in general satin and gloss finishes are tougher and easier to clean.  

There are numerous solutions for dealing with more tenacious or oil-based stains. One method is to combine a pail of warm water with a cup of white vinegar. To remove the discoloration once more, use a soft, wet sponge.

Another is to dampen a sponge with dishwashing liquid. Squeeze the bottle a few times, then massage the foam onto the stain. After 10-15 minutes, remove with a fresh sponge. Shaving foam is a third choice. Rub the stain in, let it sit for ten minutes, and then remove with a fresh towel.

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