Wall Painting Alternatives to Liven Up Your Boring Wall in 2023

Wall Painting Alternatives to Liven Up Your Boring Wall in 2023

Decorating your walls may give your home a personal touch while also establishing the tone for the entire space. Although painting has proven to be the most popular home decoration technique, it may not always be the best choice. Fortunately, there are many beautiful designs available that may be used instead of wall paint.

We did some research with our Melbourne based house painter and listed down some unique ideas for you to choose. Let’s look at it.

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpapers should be your first choice if you’re not seeking for a permanent solution. These wrapping paper-like wallpapers that are also peelable include an additional adhesive layer that makes it simple to apply the wallpaper. Simply pull the wallpaper away from the sides to quickly remove it if you wish to. Temporary wallpaper is a wonderful substitute for wall paint because of how simple it is to use.

However, because they require a flat surface, how they are applied is greatly influenced by the type of wall.

Artwork & Photos

Maybe you want to add some spice to an extremely large, boring wall. Consider making a crowded and dense array of artwork and framed photos before picking up any sorts of paintbrushes. With these alternative paints, more is better.

If you want to get it precisely, take a tape measure and get a pack of the wall hooks you want. And display our photos and artwork so that the blank wall is transformed into a wall of beauty, thoughts, and memories. This is the time-tested, straightforward substitute for painting.


A piece of artwork is a wonderful way to decorate your walls and showcase your individual style. Some pieces, nevertheless, could be too hefty for sticky strips and require expert mounting. This is where tapestries come into play. These exquisitely woven items are surprisingly lightweight, and many varieties include an adhesive backing that may be quickly removed so they can be hung on a hook. Tapestries will also be a great discussion starter because they aren’t as common as, instance, a picture of Monet’s famed water lilies.


Shelving is excellent since it serves as both storage and decoration. Wall shelves are more of a permanent fixture and will be challenging to remove without repainting or filling up the wall.

But if you have the room, big shelf systems may also be utilized to liven up a plain wall. Shelves are also a fantastic choice since you can rapidly alter the items they show in order to give the space a fresh look if you grow tired or want to go with a different theme.


Perhaps adding a bright colour or pattern to your walls is not as essential to you as adding texture to your home.   Stretch cloth along the edge of your wall and fasten it with small nails or pushpins that will scarcely leave a mark. As an alternative, you might cover foam boards the same height as your room and mount them to the walls. In any case, you’ll get a stylish wall covering at a great price.

Wall-Length Curtains

Wall-length curtains are a fantastic way to warm up and stylishly decorate your space. Similar to fabric walls, drapes may offer a distinct texture and a certain amount of depth. The installation of a curtain rod throughout the whole length of the room is the sole disadvantage of this design.

With curtained walls, you may experiment with a variety of unique ideas, such as shaping the curtains with swathes to give a fresh aspect to your space.

Tile Transfers

Have a bathroom or kitchen with dull tiles? You can also decorate them, so don’t worry! Tile transfers (also known as tile stickers) are a simple method to give a tiled room personality without going through the huge effort (and expense!) of having to re-tile the whole area.

Tile transfers, which are comparable to wall decals and are accessible from most home stores in Australia, are sometimes more difficult to remove. The longer you leave them, the more difficult it is to get rid of them, however it is not impossible if you use water and some elbow grease. Nevertheless, it is something to remember.

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