Things to Consider Before Buying Terrace Waterproofing Solution

Things to Consider Before Buying Terrace Waterproofing Solution

Repairing leaked terraces and waterproofing them can be a long, troublesome process. And you cannot avoid it because it will happen naturally. Natural cause such as harsh weather conditions, wear and tear and atmospheric changes will eventually create deep cracks on terraces and roofs. Those terraces that are not constructed and waterproofed properly might suffer sooner than the properly built ones. With poorly waterproofed terraces, water is likely to seep through the common joints between the walls and the roof and ruin interior and exterior walls with dampness.

There are plenty of quick cracks solutions you can find online. Some might tell you too use plaster or chemical solution. But those are temporary solution, with heavy rains and temperature fluctuations, it is very likely to result in cracks and seepage very quickly. The best thing you can do to avoid that problem is by waterproofing. In this article we have listed things that interior and exterior house painter consider when looking for reliable, long term waterproofing solution.

Bonding strength

To make sure your solution will last for years, examining bonding strength is important. It ensures the solution bonds tightly with the roof to offer long-term and effective waterproofing. It also affects the extent of the flexibility and elasticity of the product.


Proper waterproofing solutions should last for a long time. If you have waterproofed you terrace but cracks and dampness still appear every year, you might want change your approach. Maybe you use low quality solution that last only for few months. To make avoid annual waterproofing, it is important to ensure you opt for professional waterproofing solutions and products that can provide elongation and last for years to come.

Crack bridging

This property defines the waterproofing solutions ability to withstand stresses induced by a crack in the substrate. Crack bridging will help to bridge preexisting cracks in the case of serious damage to the roof which will prevent them from resurrecting in the future.

Heat and UV resistance

In summer, the temperature can be very hot, which can damage the roof severely and heat up the roof quickly, especially for people living at the top floor. Heat and UV resistance ensures that the roof reflects heat, providing energy efficiency and lower the temperature of the room.

Adhesive properties

This property helps to ensure that the bonds still remain waterproof and hold well. Even the strongest bonds can easily break down when exposed to water, so it is important to have a good surface adhesive property for a waterproofing product.

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