Simple Yet Effective Wall Decoration to Refresh Your Room

Simple Yet Effective Wall Decoration to Refresh Your Room

Refreshing your living space once in a while can make your home feel less boring. We are not talking about big home renovation, even a little change on your wall decoration will do the job.

The walls of your home are filled with endless possibilities that can change the entire vibe of the space. In this article we have listed ideas you can use if you are itching to convert those boring walls into a more stylish one. We believe that your home is the extend of your personality so, whether you are a nature enthusiast, book lover, or art collector, we have few tips and tricks up on our sleeves.

Install shelves

Let’s start with the simplest one, floating shelves. You could display some plants, your favorite books, and other small artifacts on top of it.

Think interest and texture with macramé

If you want something trendy, try macramé. Macramé has been trending for a couple of years and it is not going anywhere soon. What makes it so special is its weaves that adds texture and contrast to even the most dull walls. You can either try to make one yourself (a great pastime activity) or shop from plenty of options available from artists online.

Create a basket wall

Since we’ve been in travelling restriction, basket wall could bring little tropical vacation vibes to your home. And it is not expensive and pretty easy to create. A basket wall will bring in all the boho vibes to your space. It also pretty flexible, you can go neutral or a little bit bold with more color. You can liven up any wall with an assortment of baskets in different textures and sizes.

Accent wall

Instead of adding elements to an existing wall, think about decorating the wall itself. With minimal effort, accent walls could transform a simple space into more interesting one. Because it is an accent wall, you should try using a bold and bright paint colour, bring in your favourite pattern with wallpaper, use interesting painting techniques like graphic shapes or strié or paint the entire ceiling. If you having any difficulties deciding which color or wallpaper you should use, you can always contact professional residential painter Melbourne.

Create a gallery wall

If you love museums or art exhibition, you can create mini version of that with your walls. Put up artworks or photographs that you admire to add colour and personality to your walls. Make sure to have cohesive colour scheme for a harmonious effect. Opt for simple frames so, those artworks could be the center on attention.

Incorporate plants

Plants don’t just look good on the windowsill. Try hanging creeper plants in wall-mounted planters to add a bit of nature and green to your space.

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