Looking for Painting Contractor? Be Aware of These Red Flags!

Looking for Painting Contractor? Be Aware of These Red Flags!

Hiring painting contractor could be difficult, especially for people that never hire contractor before. In this article we will offer you some tips to avoid bad and unprofessional house painter in Melbourne. If you notice these red flags, you should be very careful and take closer look before hiring them.

Only Painting (limited Service)

It is not a good sign if you called a contractor that says they only do painting and no other services. This kind of limitation doesn’t mean that they are specialized, it could mean they are lack of skill and experience and it’s usually not good for the customer. All of the reputable painting company does more than just paint. Why? Paint jobs require more than just painting skill. It also require some degree of patching sheetrock, wood repair, or, on exterior jobs, pressure washing.

Scheduling Issues

In every painting project, you’ll need to schedule two things: an estimate and the work itself. Here are three red flags to be aware of:

  • When you try to schedule an estimation, they don’t respond promptly to your initial request.
  • They take an unreasonable amount of time (like several weeks) to present the estimate after assessing your needs.
  • They don’t seem to be able to commit to a start date or schedule more than a few months out.

If you see any of this in the company you talked to it might a signal of problem. Sure, some times it can mean the contractor is in high demand and has a very thigh schedule. But it could instead signal a disorganized company unable to keep up with demand or a company that lacks the necessary experience to provide good customer service. At the end of the day, you want to hire a well-run business.

Bad Ratings and Reviews

Do your research and look for consumer feedback and references across many channels. Yes, maybe you’ll find one or two poor reviews. If you find a lot of clients moaning about poor service and shoddy jobs, stay away. You want to pick a contractor that has good feedback and satisfied customers on a regular basis. Look for feedback about the contractor delivering outstanding service, quality work, price transparency, and efficiency.

Detailed Estimate

You will be given a written, accurate estimate by a reliable contractor. It should provide comprehensive pricing, explain how they manage adjustments if needed, once the project has begun,, and detail their guarantee. When you receive an estimate, unless you ask for extra work, the price does not change for such services. The contractor could then apply the costs for the extra work in writing. Avoid hiring a contractor who is unable to provide a written estimate or is unable to be honest regarding their pricing. Even, in the calculation, note to read the fine print!


Your painters need to look and behave professional. If their estimator’s first impression is not a positive one, stop there, even if it gives you a fair rate. You need to make an impressive first impression. Before recruiting them, notice their professionalism. On your side, this could suggest some diligence. Ask or read their references through reviews. Are there any comments about crews who were unprofessional looking or behaving? Did they use equipment and materials of the professional painter grade?

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