Fresh Ideas for Renters to Redecorate Your Place

Fresh Ideas for Renters to Redecorate Your Place

Want to channel your inner interior designer but can’t afford to buy a house? We’ve come to your rescue with this helpful guide, so don’t worry. For most of renters out there having professional residential painters to paint the space they are living in is not possible, but they always can place some decorations. In this article, we have written a tutorial to help renters apply their own touch to their home without causing harm. Here are 12 ideas to help you transform your rented space into a luxurious home that reflects your personality.

Plants are your best friend

With plants, you will transform your rented home into a living paradise. You can use bright colors to liven up every room, whether they are fake or actual. If you have a green thumb, you might also add a small vegetable patch or herbs in small planters if you don’t have the room. They will brighten up your home in any case.

Get some multifunction storage

The lack of storage in rental properties is well-known. This is made worse by the fact that custom cabinetry is not an option. So, how do you go about it? You’re on the search for furniture that has smart storage options. Perhaps a coffee table that doubles as a storage container, or a bed with drawers underneath it. You could get a TV cabinet with shelves to help with clutter and extra decorations.

Organize the cabinets and drawers by lining them

With cabinet and drawer liners, you can turn your dusty, dirty cabinets into something beautiful and modern. Unfortunately, the cabinetry of many older homes and apartments would be really… well liked. Cover the bottoms of your cabinets and drawers with a liner to restore the feeling of clean, new cabinetry.

Add Rugs

With a rug, you can quickly change the look of your floor. Rugs have been used to bring character and charm to rooms for decades. They’re also great for covering some unsightly floors that you can’t alter. When you combine this with complementary furniture, you’ve completely transformed the look of a home.

Dress it up with curtains

Goodbye to your dull vertical blinds and welcome to your favorite design on colorful curtains. Replace the Venetian blinds, cordless blinds, or curtains with new ones. Hold the old blinds, though, so you can reinstall them after you leave. Make sure you don’t make any new holes when you hang these new curtains.

Use a tapestry, you can completely change the look of your walls

Bring this timeless classic back to life with a new twist. Tapestries are a simple way to add personality to any space. This may be the answer you’ve been waiting for whether you’ve run out of art or don’t want to bother holding up all those paintings. It would also hide any scratches or scrapes left behind by former occupants.

Add more lighting

Most rental properties have poor lighting. Many rooms get dull at night as a result of this. If that’s your house, don’t worry; there are a number of clever things you can do to make it better. One thing you should do is discuss replacing the fixtures with your landlord. They should replace the lamps with lighter ones and add new fixtures to brighten up the dark corners. Alternatively, you might install a few lamps or fairy lights. Lamps will not only brighten up the bed, but they will also add some trendy décor to the room, making it more lively throughout the day. On the other hand, fairy lights will turn your house into a fantastical world, driving away those shadows. Either way, you won’t have to worry about dark rooms anymore.

Try removable wallpaper

This home décor innovation is most likely something you’ve never heard of before. Removable wallpaper, as the name implies, can be easily removed from walls without causing damage. This wallpaper is also simple to apply and remove. Is it possible that it would spark a wallpaper revival? Who knows what will happen! It does, though, make landlords comfortable. It’s also a good idea to check with the landlord before putting up removable wallpaper.

Accessorise everything

Throw pillows, covers, clocks, and the strange British bulldog sculpture you bought in London! All of it is ideal for converting your rented home into a comfortable living room. Show off your journeys, your eccentric look, and all of your interests.

Don’t be afraid to put up your artwork

Any blank wall can be transformed by your art or pictures. Your favorite paintings or pictures will add personality to your living room. Concerned over causing damage to the walls? Instead of using nails, consider using sticky hooks. These are made to bear a lot of weight while also being simple to remove and non-damaging.

Create a vignette

Create a vignette of your accessories and take it a step further. A vignette is a grouping of items such as housewares, vases, pots, roses, and other natural elements, as well as mementos and arts and crafts. It’s a small themed range that you can hang in any room of your house to add color and personality. Take a chance!

Fancy entertaining with a bar cart

Want a high-end bar for your home but can’t afford to put one in while you’re renting? Invest in a bar cart! This little cart is sure to impress your friends. They not only have the ideal storage space for your wines, liqueurs, and bottles, but they also encourage you to wheel it around the home, right to the fun. With a proper pub, you can’t do that! They can be fun and sensible, as well as eccentric and classy.

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