Don’t Let Painting and Renovating Disturb You Daily Business

Don’t Let Painting and Renovating Disturb You Daily Business

Giving your business a fresh coat of paint will not only keep things looking nice, it will show your customers that you care about the details. A well-maintained place of business that is updated in current colors and styles inspires trust and confidence in your clients and customers.

But a lot of business owners choose not to repaint their space because painting or remodeling will disrupt their day-to-day operations. Some might think to temporary close down while painting is taking place. Don’t despair — and don’t put it off! You can still serve your customers and keep your business open throughout a the repaint process with the help form some careful planning. Apply these tips form our professional residential painter Melbourne to keep your business running while having a face lift!

Set up Zones

First thing you can do is breakup your business area into several zones. As the result, only one area of your business is being painted or under construction at one time. This makes it easier to move desks for a day, to divert foot traffic for a few days, or to use a different entrance for a short time. Without zones, the whole area will be chaos.

Negotiate Workable Hours

Negotiate with your contractor to see if they are able to work on your closed hours, like the weekends. Or if your business has predictable slower hours of the day, ask them to paint at that time. It will minimize the consequence. If you manage an apartment complex or HOA, can your painting contractor begin the day after the morning rush hour, and close up before the evening commute?


Because this project might affect most of your teams’ workflow, you need to inform them as early as possible. To make sure they get notified, you can use several forms of communication, such as sending email your employees, socialized the project in your weekly staff meeting, and post signs around the office reminding people of when the painting is going to begin.

And don’t forget to communicate with your customers too. Post signs for customers, indicating where the painting is taking place and the measures you’re taking to minimize disruption. This notification lets your customer know what to expect and hopefully minimizing complaints. Let your customer know about the temporary disruption through use social media or email newsletters.

Install Containment Barriers

Use the right barriers to keep air quality appropriate for those who will be in the area. Talk with the contractor about what to use.

Make an Unoccupied Zone

To make the whole experience smoother, you can an unoccupied zone between your business and the construction. But only do this if you have the space. This extra space will lowers the working noise, keeps air quality protected, and generally provide less disturbance to your customers and employees.

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