Avoid This 4 Mistakes to Keep Your Wall Look Clean Like New!

Avoid This 4 Mistakes to Keep Your Wall Look Clean Like New!

It is only few months since the day you painted your walls and they already look dirty? Maintaining paint is not an easy task, you have to clean your walls regularly to keep dirt, dust, scuffs out of them. But sometimes, your walls still look dirty even when you already clean them regularly. This happens quiet often when you use the wrong paint products or techniques. Washing your walls frequently can help keep marks and stains at bay, but the secret to pristine walls actually lies in the paint. Certain paint colors, types of paint, and application techniques can result in walls that appear dirtier and are more difficult to clean. In this article, we have listed 4 common painting mistakes you should avoid to achieve that spotless look!

The first mistake, you opt for the cheapest paint in the store.

We cannot deny that to achieve that cleanest-looking finish, we need to choose higher quality paints which most of the time have higher price tag. Especially in areas where there are a lot of traffic, such as kitchen, children play room or bathroom. In our opinion, spending more for paint in those area would be a great investment and it certainly will offer coverage and a longer-lasting finish. If you still not sure which paint to buy, you should consult with house painter in Melbourne.

The second mistake, the paint color is too light.

If you’re concerned about dusty walls, maybe the least forgiving color for painting is bright white. Some scratches or stains will stand out more on light-colored walls. Alternatively, opt for a neutral mid-tone color which would serve to conceal dust and imperfections.

The third one, you chose a sheen that’s difficult to clean.

Paint sheen or gloss, which refers to how shinny and reflective the finish appears on the wall, will impact how clean your walls look dramatically. As a rule of thumb, the shinier the finish, the easier it get to clean. So, you should use shinier finishes, including semi-gloss and high-gloss, on trim and kitchen cabinetry. A glossier surface will stand up better against frequent cleaning. In the other end, flat and matte finishes require more care when come to cleaning. They require a gentle touch, as certain cleaning products and vigorous scrubbing can damage the finish.

It’s important to remember, that when it comes to imperfections like nail holes, dents, scratches, or patches, shiny paint is less forgiving than flatter finishes. If you would like to disguise the walls with defects, go for a flatter finish for a cleaner look.

The last mistake, you didn’t properly prep walls before painting.

Prep work is essential to achieving a perfect result, and the initial step is to clean the walls. To clean down walls and remove dust or debris before painting, use a trisodium phosphate (TSP) solution. To make paint stick adequately, try adding primer. If you cover up surface stains, such as water marks or cigarette stains, Primer is particularly helpful. A base coat of primer helps build a clean canvas such that the hue of the paint does not struggle beneath against stains.

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