5 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring House Painters During Pandemic

5 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring House Painters During Pandemic

This pandemic causes a lot of changes from our economy, our mental health, our jobs, our family lives – and even our ability to hire house painters Melbourne. Now we can start hiring professionals again since businesses have resume their services. But you still need to apply strict health protocol when hiring them. Understanding the extra precautions your painters should take will help you hire the right company for the job.

Contact-Free Quoting

Before COVID-19, most contractors would give you a quote by coming to your home. Since limiting physical contact is the number one rule, now many companies are turning to something called contact-free quoting. The company will ask you to fill out forms with your contact information, along with the particulars of the job and the date you want the service. If more information is needed, they will give you a call. And at the end of the process, you wind up with a quote. And nobody ever had to come to your house to provide it.

Virtual Color Consultations

Online color tools, which let you upload a photo of a room and try on paint colors, have been around for years. These tools now used by professionals to guide you through the paint selection process.

Instead of uploading your room photo and trying on colors a bunch of colors, your consultant will take this experience up one level. They will expertly use the tool to discern the right paint color for you and show you exactly what it will look like on your walls.

Special Safety Protocols

We highly suggest you to strictly review each company safety protocol before hiring them. This protocol is in addition to the standard safety practices, and helps mitigate risk for painters, clients and communities. Below are things companies should have in their protocol:

  1. Checking if you or anyone at the location is sick or has tested positive for COVID
  2. Sick painters are required to stay home
  3. Wearing CDC-approved face coverings
  4. Practicing social distancing

Mask Are a Must

Masks have been proven to minimize the spread of the virus. You must make sure that any painters who enter your home should wear a CDC-approved face covering. That include a cloth tied over the face (like a scarf or bandana), a cloth face mask, an N-95 mask or a face shield.

Hand Hygiene

Cleaning up has always been a crucial part of any paint job even before pandemic. And hand hygiene not only washes off paint, it washes away the virus, too. Ask the painting professionals who paint your house to follow hygiene best practices — wash their hands.

All of these extra measures create a win-win situation for you, your painting consultants and your crews. They keep everyone healthy and they let you get the paint job done.

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