4 Important Things to Know Before Painting Your Furniture

4 Important Things to Know Before Painting Your Furniture

When talking about face-lifting a room, walls repainting is the first thing that cross our mind. But there are several easier ways beside wall painting to redecorate a room. You can start with brought in new furniture or plants, hang new paintings or wall decorations. And if you don’t want to add new things but still want to have a new look, try painting the existing furniture. It is a great little weekend project you can do yourself or with your family. If you’re looking for tips from our house painter on how to paint wood furniture, here are some pointers to make sure you get a great result every time:

Prep the piece

Having the piece prepared before painting process is essential. Most of the time, we skip this process and jump right into painting, which not give us the best result. Any time you’re painting furniture (especially wooden furniture) it’s really important to start with a clean work surface. Which means you have to get rid of any sticky residue, dirt, or dust that’s accumulated over the years. If you’re working with wooden furniture, you’ll also want to sand down any imperfections as well as lightly sand over the entire surface. The paint will adhere better in roughed up surface so it doesn’t easily knick or scratch. Avoid creating scratches by using a fine-grit sandpaper. A coat of primer is also a good idea to ensure a professional-looking finish as primer will help conceal imperfections and create a uniform base for a flawless paint finish.

Pick the right brush

Each type of brush work better in different piece. If you’re painting smaller furniture you should be fine using a bristle brush. You can paint in detail because it can reach smaller crevices. The combination of a good quality brush and paint will help minimize brush strokes too. If the piece has a large flat surface, we suggest you to use a mini roller with a super fine material. It will help you finish the job faster and give an ultra-smooth finish. And don’t forget to roll or brush in a consistent direction.

Choose the right furniture paint

In most cases, semi-gloss paint is the best paint you can use for furniture. Seme-gloss paint will give you higher sheen finish which is easier to clean, more durable, and more moisture resistant. We suggest you to avoid lower-sheen finish because it is not as durable as higher-sheen one. No matter what finish you choose, you’ll really want to make sure the wood is in good shape with proper prep beforehand for best results.

Do more than one coat

At least coat twice because single coat usually isn’t enough on a piece of furniture. But you have to make sure that the first coat is completely dry before starting on the second. It will make sure the coverage and color are consistent.

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