Stylish TV Wall Decor Tips During Work From Home

Stylish TV Wall Decor Tips During Work From Home

Decorating space around TVs is a little bit challenging and require extra effort and creativity. Compliment things like media stand, speakers and games usually take extra space and might end up looking cluttered. Apart from finding space for things above, you also need to figure out the ergonomic aspect. Some people mount their TV too high, which make them watch it in uncomfortable position and after some time could cause neck and back aches

If you are struggling with styling a TV wall, check out some of our favorite living room decor tips below.

Create an accent wall

Use accent colors and shades to create a focal point in the room. Professional residential painters Melbourne suggest to paint your TV background wall in a bold color. Keep the rest of the walls in neutral tones for a wonderful contrast.

Blend with walls

Because most of TVs are colored in black or darker color, creating an accent wall in grey or black can be a smart choice to camouflage them. A black entertainment wall will also help a black flat-screen television almost disappear when not in use, blending in seamlessly. If it looks to boring, you can place a few accessories to create an accent but keep it minimal.

Or play with color

If you are not into minimalist and prefer more cheerful design, you could experiment with bright wall colors for your TV wall. Keep in mind to paint rest of the walls neutral or light toned. This way you can introduce color to the space without overwhelming the eye and create one focal point.

Note: Avoid neon or extremely bright colors. These colors could create distractions and interrupt the whole watch TV experience

Keep it simple

If you are aiming for a clean and serene space, you need to start decluttering. After taking out non-essential stuffs, add concealed storage space to store essential ones, such as consoles, different types of remotes, set-top box, and speaker system. To avoid visual distraction, choose storage in neutral and natural tones.

Add some backlighting

Aside from painting accent wall, you could create a focal point by installing some back paneling and lighting to make it a focal point. You can create warmer ambience by using ambient lights that will instantly add an element of vibrancy within the living room.

Green up the wall

If you love plants, creating a vertical garden around your TV wall is a great idea to transform the television into a work of art. We recommend you to grow tall and skinny plants, like English ivy, pothos and other creepers. Give some space between the plants and your TV so that you don’t end up spilling water while watering them or opt for low maintenance faux plants for a similar effect.

Hide behind a cabinet

Placing your TV behind cabinet doors is not just a great way to keep the room looks minimalist and aesthetics but it will also protect the screen from unwanted scratches and dust. Go for a multi compartment built-in storage. It will make it easy for you to store your TV and provide dedicate space for other accessories.

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