Small Space Solutions: Tips for Making Your Room Look More Spacious

Small Space Solutions: Tips for Making Your Room Look More Spacious

Your home may have rooms that are too huge, too small, or just right—although the latter may seem elusive. It can be simpler to cram more furniture into a large room than to make a small room appear bigger than it is. In this article, we’ll look at some tricks for maximising space while also transforming the way it works.

There are certain advantages to working with a smaller area when you are decorating. It is simpler to arrange, and less items are required to outfit it. While dealing with a tiny space, an interior designer’s assistance can be vital in maximising your surroundings.

When deciding how to make a tiny space in your house appear larger, take into account the following:

  • Paint and Color
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Furniture
  • Reduce Clutter

How to Make a Room Look Bigger

Paint and Color

When preparing to paint the interior of their home, people frequently ask about the colours that make a space appear larger. As house painters in Melbourne, we use a simple rules: A room can have depth by using contrasted light and dark colours. When considering how to make a small room appear larger with paint, keep in mind that medium tones will make your space appear smaller than it is. In contrast, making a room appear larger by using dark and light white hues that open up the space.

Tiny rooms are not always square. Some could be long and narrow. When considering how to make a tiny room appear wider with paint, keep in mind that bright and cool hues recede – they appear farther away. Warm, dark colours advance towards us. Paint the opposing shorter walls in long, narrow spaces a shade or two darker than the two longer walls. That will give them the appearance of a square form and bring them closer together. Depending on how you want to show the space, you can also paint the longer walls a darker colour to emphasise the length of the room.

Some painting techniques to make a room look bigger include:

  •  Use only one colour

When multiple colours are applied, the eye is drawn to the line where one colour finishes and another begins, creating room boundaries. The space looks continuous when only one colour is used.

  • Use stripes

A wall will appear longer if it has horizontal stripes, and taller if it has vertical stripes.

When it comes to colours that make a space appear larger, white in all of its variations is always the best option. Its reflecting properties aid in opening up an area and giving it a light, airy appearance.


One of the best ways to make a room appear larger is with natural light. Take down the blinds to let more light into your room. Add some skylights if you can so that light can enter the room from above.

Place a few lamps throughout the room rather than one overhead when using artificial illumination. It is easier to make a room feel larger and provide even, ambient lighting with the help of multiple light sources.


Mirrors are a great method to reflect and bounce light from the windows, which helps a room appear larger. Another advantage of putting a mirror on the wall is that it reflects the surroundings and deceives the eye into thinking there is more room.


The next tip in our list of ways to make a tiny space appear larger is selecting furniture carefully. Consider the proportions right now. Put your furniture towards the walls to give the impression that the room is smaller. You may give a room a sensation of spaciousness by leaving some space between the walls and your furnishings.

It’s a good idea to stay away from big, heavy furniture. They not only take up too much room in a tiny location, but they also make that area the centre of attention. To prevent dividing the room, place any tall pieces of furniture up against the wall.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter is a small space’s worst enemy. The best thing you can do right now to make small spaces appear larger is to clear all the clutter. Finding inventive ways to store your treasured possessions out of sight instead of getting rid of them is what this means.

This optical trick is particularly crucial when considering how to enlarge a small bedroom. Our bedroom serves as a haven where we may relax and unwind. When there is clutter everywhere around you, it is difficult to obtain a good night’s sleep.

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