Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Exterior Walls!

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Exterior Walls!

We all can agree that painting the exterior of your home can be troublesome and time-consuming. But it is a worthwhile investment. Because the benefits of painting your home’s exterior go beyond improving its aesthetics. It can also fight off health risks, promotes good indoor air quality and completely changes the aura of your house.

How long will exterior paint last? The answer is debatable. Some experts estimate that it should be painted every 7 years, others claim you can wait as long as 10 years before painting your exterior walls with a fresh coat of paint. The truth is, there is no one solution fits all and it effected by various elements, however, if you use good products and get your walls painted by professional residential painters Melbourne, your exterior home job will be a worthwhile investment- both in terms of time and money.

If you are still not sure about painting your exterior walls, read on for top 5 reasons that help you make your mind.

1. Enhances the visual appeal
Painting your home with a fresh coat of paint will make your home feel more welcoming and warmth. Before you start painting, make sure you go with a color that best fits the overall color scheme of your home and also complements the neighboring homes to ensure that your new color does not clash too much.

2. Protects exterior surfaces
Painting your exterior walls with high quality paints will protect your home from weather conditions, such as rain, dust or harsh sun rays. This will improve the lifespan of your main structure.

3. Keeps dust and dirt away
Well maintained exterior walls not only look nice but also keep dust and dirt away. For old homes or if you’re living in an area of ongoing construction work, it’s a wise choice to invest in paint with dust guard.

4. Saves you money on future repairs
Repainting your exteriors might seem like an added cost at first but actually in the long run it can help you save money. Doing regular repainting job will help you avoid spending money on future repairs. Especially if you get your home painted by a professional, they will not only do the painting but also fix any other concerns, like waterproofing and weatherproofing.

5. Promotes good indoor air quality
Not many people don’t know but wall paint also could improve air quality in your home. Painting your home walls using low VOCs paints will improve the overall quality of air indoors. As result, it helps promote a good living environment for you and your family.

It is important to remember that painting the exterior walls is a tedious and risky job, especially if you painting higher walls. We suggest you to look for professional painting services so you can avoid those kinds of frustration. Experienced painter will finish the job faster and the result will last longer.

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