Follow These Tips to Improve Children Study Form Home Experience

Follow These Tips to Improve Children Study Form Home Experience

With schools transforming into online classes, your child needs a dedicated space for their study. With this article we would help you to create a perfect learning environment to motivate your children to study and keep learning even at home. Here are some useful study room ideas that are perfect for your children, curated by our in-house experts.

Pick the right wall colours

Choosing the right wall colour might be a little tricky since every child has their own colour preference. But we will provide you with some colour guideline. Kindergarten children are drawn towards warmer and brighter colours while primary-school children usually prefer pastels and tints. Middle schooler most of the time will enjoy colours such as greens and blues, while high school students would prefer darker colours like dark green, grey, navy and violet. Paint colour is crucial because it will affect your child overall learning from home experience. If you are still in doubt which colour to go with, we suggest you to consult with professional interior and exterior house painter.

Create an ergonomic study station

Remember your child will sit down and spend 4 to 5 hours every weekday, so creating an ergonomic study station is unquestionable. Choose chairs that will give optimum support for posture. Make sure the table or desk you place in the children’s room is in the proper height so your child can write with comfort and big enough for a laptop or a computer, workbooks, stationery. The goal should be to recreate a comfortable learning environment so ensure that the table top allows one to rest the forearms on the table or be able to type without any stress on the joints.


A clutter-free room is essential when creating a study space for children. Children are easily distracted so clutter-free room will lead to more successful learning. And make sure that the room has no television, video games and away from high-activity, noisy areas.

Add educational elements

Creating a room with a school-room vibe is sure to stimulate children’s mind and help them focus on studying. You can keep activity boards like pinboards, chalkboards or whiteboards to introduce a learning environment to the room. Pinboards are a good idea since you can easily replace charts, maps and multiplication tables based on what lessons the children are learning. This will stimulate the children’s mind and put them into learning mode the moment they step into the room.

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